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58th VEMIA Auction: Apr 6th-13th 2024

VEMIA runs again at from Saturday April 6 to Saturday April 11 (with Second Chance Sunday on April 14), with NO HIDDEN RESERVES.

For every item entered in the auction, whatever the start price, the first bid will win unless someone bids higher.

If you have some electric music gear you would like to sell in VEMIA, please contact in good time if you need advice or help.

For selling, any time from now on would be good. For buying, see you around mid-March - when items will start being published and can be bid on - and of course throughout the four weeks till the auction closes with Second Chance Sunday on April 14

We can often organise personal collection and delivery of auction items - for safe transport of fragile or heavy items, and to consolidate items from many sources. This is usually available in a large part of mainland UK. In Europe Covid and Brexit are now making personal collection and delivery very difficult. We will do our best to liaise with trusted EU clients to organise consolidation and shipping.

Brexit now makes items sold between EU and UK liable to VAT (like it has always been with Norway, USA etc etc). Below 135GBP or equivalent, items will only be available to bid on within your own trade bloc (eg within UK, EU, USA etc.). Above 135GBP, bidding on any item from anywhere is possible. As in the past, couriers will be responsible for charging receivers any import duty / tax due.

Any questions, please contact Peter Forrest -

 Membership information

No profile detected on this computer for our auction site.

Please use the user form to create a member or use the restore cookie to restore your memebrship if necessary.

 Vemia IOS/Android compatible

Vemia auctions are now Ios 5 to 10 and android compatible.

Using Ipad, Iphones or android tablets is now working so you can experience the auction and follow your items anywhere !

For other tablets using other operating systems, please contact us in order for us to check if this can be supported or not.


Whether you've just registered at VEMIA, or are one of our oldest customers, going back as long as twenty-seven years, welcome! We're looking forward to this, our 58th auction, and hope you are too. Even if you're not buying or selling there's always something interesting to look at.
We continue to offer valuable differences from other sales or auction sites:-
  • no adverts or external hassle,
  • genuine personal supervision, service, and advice,
  • proper pre- and after-sale care,
  • the ability to combine shipments, and help with collections and deliveries for cheap safe shipping,
  • no sale no fee, and
  • banning those frustrating hidden reserve prices - if you bid, you will get the item if no-one beats you.
Auction selling and buying rules and rates will remain practically identical. To check, please go to using auctions.

Above all, we have a good reputation for looking after buyers and sellers alike, and making sure that every transaction and every shipment ends with all parties content. We will start many highly valuable items at 135GBP, and of course nothing has a hidden reserve price.

If you have a problem or find a bug on the site, please tell us, through the support page. If you have suggestions for improvements, please also send them to the support team.

All comments, remarks, suggestions or questions about the site are welcome. We need your help to make it better! Thanks in advance for your feedback.

For all auction-related matters, please email VEMIA boss Peter Forrest at

VEMIA and Sphere Teams

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 Did you know

 Personal List

For quick access to items you are selling or intend possibly to bid on, you can use the Personal List feature available inside the user menu.
  1. Simply select a lot by clicking the left-hand button on the auction room page.

  2. Click on List at the bottom of the auction room page; do that for all the items you want to keep special track of.

  3. Go to the User menu and click on Personal List to display only the selected items!

  4. Use Remove in the Personal List to remove an item from the list.

 Past Sales

If you want to check prices on past sales, you can use the Past Sales feature available in the auction menu.

You'll be prompted to enter a key word to search for something in the item title (like 'modular' or '909') and/or limit your search to a specific make if needed - so you can search for 'Moog' or 'Roland' or whatever

You can then browse your selection of items from past sales

(NB: there are some anomalies in the database for valuable items whose first bid was 17GBP, so don't believe any result where a great item sold for a tiny amount!)

 Catalog offline

Need to check the whole catalog offline in an excel sheet?

Click here to download a csv file containing the full auction catalog.

The csv file is created online and the catalog is the current image of the current auction at the time you are downloading it!

 Vemia Auction Time

Remember that for each auction, lots start to close in lot number order at 14:00 British time (15:00 CET).

The current Spheremusic server time (CET) is : 6:09:42 AM

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