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This page displays the information available for the Moog-CEMS unique original custom modular (Sphere item # 5560).
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 Make Moog
 Model CEMS unique original custom modular
 Description ONE OF THE TWO OR THREE MOST IMPORTANT MOOG CUSTOM MODULAR SYSTEMS IN THE WORLD. NOW WITH LOWER START PRICE! This is the system Joel Chadabe dreamt up, in collaboration with Robert Moog, and had him build in the late 60s. It is at VEMIA, undergoing restoration - more details later - but is a unique and hugely powerful system, full of Moog custom modules, some very rare, some very early, and some almost certainly unique. Joel Chadabe's book 'Electric Sound' pp286-287: 'In 1966, I got an idea. I drew up a plan for a completely automated synthesizer system, discussed its feasibility with Robert Moog, described it in an article in 'New Perspectives in Music', and got the funding to have it built. That system, which I called the CEMS (Coordinated Electronic Music Studio) System, was ordered from Moog in 1967.... and installed in December 1969. In addition to an extended array of sound-generating and processing modules, an automated matrix mixer, and a digital clock, the system contained a bank of eight analog sequencers with customised logic hardware for running them synchronously, asynchronously, in succession, or in any combination.' '... the world's largest concentration of Moog sequencers.......' 'In 'Drift'.. (1970), icy electronic sounds swooped automatically through a virtual space without my intervention or control. It was the realtime equivalent of algorithmic composition..' '... a few months later, I was using joysticks to control oscillators, filters, modulators and amplifiers. The sequencers, configured to generate pseudo-random patterns, were also controlling the oscillators, filters, modulators and amplifiers. And I was also controlling the sequencers...... .. I was in effect conversing with a musical instrument that seemed to have its own interesting personality.' The CEMS is housed in four tall vertical cabinets, on casters. 1. 4x 960 (s/n 1094-S, 1096-S, 1103-S etc) 4 x 962 (s/n 1062, 1063 etc) 4 x custom delay mixers, 20 trunk lines. All R.A.Moog, mostly 9/69. 2. 4x 901 VCOs, trunks, Portamento, 2x multiples, CP-3 mixer, 984 mixer, 901, Portamento, 911, 2x 902, multiples, Portamento, 901, 904B, 904C, 904A, 904B, pitch/trigger interface, 912, S-trig>V-trig with portamento, 902, 911, multiples, 911, Attenuators, 911, 903, multiples, 3-pin sockets for joysticks etc, Delays, trunk lines. 3. 'Moogus Operandi' 10 digital numeric switches, 104ms- 4 sec delays, with x1 and x100 switches, digital clock with nixie tubes, trunk section with type B sockets (one line empty), 3x 4U Voltage Controlled Mixers, Portamento (R A Moog, no logo), 905, Triggered Controller, R A Moog banana & 3-pin interfaces, 904B, 902, 902, 911, R A Moog Signal Router, Amplifier, 3x Triggered Controller, PSU, delays and trunk lines. 4. similar to cabinet 1. **It also includes five R A Moog joysticks, serial numbers 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, and... 1008. - and a pre-production model Ribbon Controller, which Mike Bucki at Modusonics can provide a new ribbon for.** Like many other things in this auction, this is from the collection amassed by Felix Visser, former head of Synton. All items were destined for a national technology museum project, many years in the making, but finally cancelled by politicians and planners. They have mostly been stored unused for a number of years. This system has not (as of April 5) been powered up, and is SOLD AS IS unless we have more information in the meantime. (The power supplies are currently at Lucid Sound for testing and servicing where necessary before powering the system up.) **8/4/08: The power supplies aren't in a good state, and Lucid's report suggests it would be better to replace them with modern equivalents (from RS or similar) to avoid having to deal with aging capacitors, potentialy unstable regulators, etc.. We can source and arrange the fitting of these if you choose, at cost; and of course save and ship the original power supplies as well if you want.** Cosmetic state at present: all sequencer lamps present and guaranteed working 100%; all screws, nuts and washers checked, cleaned and replaced where necessary; veneer repaired on the facing edges of cabinets where necessary; casters replaced; module panels cleaned and looking good; many of the silver knob inserts are missing - many are saved ready to stick back on, but some are lost. (We are searching for replacements, or failing that, new knobs are still generally available.) The quality of early Moog modules is remarkable, and we would expect it to be not at all difficult or expensive to restore this to excellent working order - and beautiful cosmetic condition as well. If required, we can source and supervise this work, and would expect it to be very reasonably priced. All main photos were taken before cosmetic restoration, and the system now looks a great deal better - superb apart from the missing silver knob inserts. Please check the two inset pics here for an idea of current condition. For more of the old pics see:
 Age n/a
 Weight n/a
 Condition Near good
 Location Uk (Item is at Vemia Uk)
 Vat Not from a VAT-registered business. But VAT / duty may be due if importing from outside your trade bloc.
 Quantity 1 item is available from the owner
 Options User manual : No
  Service manual : No
  First owner : No
  Original boxes : No
 Plug type Usa standard plug
 Voltage type Internal 110V power supply
 Status Item has been sold or reserved
 Sale type The item is on the auction rooms
 Ending on 12/04/2008
 Category Synthesizer (Modular) 
 Serial number Unknown
 Sphere reference # 5560
 Statistics Created on : 29/10/2007 
Changed on : 08/04/2008 
  Published on : 08/04/2008
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 Start price 29950 GBP
 Converted price (1) 29950 GBP
 Shipment International or local shipment to pay
 Packing costs n/a
 Payment Full pre payment needed
 Auction bid step 50 GBP
 Auction highest bid 30100 GBP
 Converted highest bid 30100 GBP
 Leader or winner force35
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