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This page displays the information available for the Ppg-Beautiful PPG modular wing cab #1 (Sphere item # 16376).
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 Make Ppg
 Model Beautiful PPG modular wing cab #1
 Description This fantastic system is from the 70s, handcrafted by Wolfgang Palm and his team. PPG 300 MODULAR WING #1 with **322 FIVE-octave** DUOPHONIC Keyboard (no keyboard connector module is present in the system - it will have to be done by custom DIY - so keyboard is not tested but looks very good.) In black wooden housing. Perfect working modules, two times restored, most jacks new, original knobs, new power supply. Excellent cosmetic condition on front panel, no scratches. Patch cords NOT included! Because it is is PPG's custom deisgn, the modules dont have industry sizes at all. Its not possible to put the modules in todays known housings/cases. It's also not possible to change the positions of the modules, unless you build a new special frame. Some of the PCBs are larger then the front panel. MODULES: 9 x # 301 VOLTAGE CONTR. OSCILLATOR, 3 x # 309 4-CHANNEL MIXER, 2 x # 303 VOLTAGE CONTR. MODIFIER (RESONANT LP VCF with VCAs) 1 x # 317 VOLTAGE CONTR. FILTER, (expensive lo/hi/notch/bp) 2 x # 307 DUAL ENVELOPE, 2 x # 308 DUAL ENVELOPE, 1 x # 311 POWER SUPPLY OUTPUT PANEL CP bottom row with black blank panels. (not shown installed in photos.) [VEMIA note: we should be able to collect and deliver this beautiful item by hand in our usual areas.]
 Age n/a
 Weight n/a
 Condition Very good
 Location Germany 
 Vat Not from a VAT-registered business. But VAT / duty may be due if importing from outside your trade bloc.
 Quantity 1 item is available from the owner
 Options User manual : No
  Service manual : No
  First owner : No
  Original boxes : No
 Plug type Europe standard plug
 Voltage type Internal 220-240V power supply
 Status Item has been sold or reserved
 Sale type The item is on the auction rooms
 Ending on 12/11/2016
 Category Synthesizer (Modular) 
 Serial number Unknown
 Sphere reference # 16376
 Statistics Created on : 09/11/2016 
Changed on : 10/11/2016 
  Published on : 10/11/2016
  Displayed : 1546 time(s) by members and guests  
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 Start price 16465 GBP
 Converted price (1) 16465 GBP
 Shipment International or local shipment to pay
 Packing costs 0 GBP
 Payment Full pre payment needed
 Auction bid step 50 GBP
 Auction highest bid 16515 GBP
 Converted highest bid 16515 GBP
 Leader or winner rave_c
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