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This page displays the information available for the Wurlitzer-Brasshorn 21-inch auxiliary speaker (Sphere item # 11025).
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 Make Wurlitzer
 Model Brasshorn 21-inch auxiliary speaker
 Description Model: Brasshorn 21-inch Auxiliary Speaker (Hendrix!!) This is a very rare, very collectible original Wurlitzer Brasshorn with stand and case. It was designed in the 1960s as an add-on speaker/horn for Wurlitzer organs, to powerfully boost and brighten the sound over a long distance (friendly warning: Wurlitzer advise not standing close than six feet from the Brasshorn!) It will also work fine with any sound source via an amp with an auxiliary speaker output (an 8 ohm impedance rating is suggested but this is probably very flexible). I saw Jimi Hendrix use a Brasshorn at The Marquee Club in 1967 - it added amazing high-midrange boost to his guitar solos, and looked very very cool! Simply connect the Brasshorn's long (over 28 feet) cable to your amp's auxiliary speaker output (1/4-inch jack plug). A solidly-made foot switch is installed partway along the cable, allowing you to turn the horn on and off. Real brass horns of two sizes are provided (21-inch & 9-inch - 53 & 23cm: roughly equivalent to a trombone and a trumpet). You plug the horn into the driver, which is then mounted at any desired angle onto a matching brass-coloured stand, adjustable in height from approx 40 inches - 75 inches (1 - 1.8m). A very classy-looking setup which comes neatly packed in a typical brass instrument case made of solid wood with black tolex finish and thick red velvet lining (case size is 37in x 9in x 9in - 93 x 23 x 23cm). Recently tested - works fine - no power is required so there is really nothing to go wrong. The condition is remarkably clean and bright for all parts, with a little rust on the horns and stand. These are excellent even as museum pieces, but can also add an amazing brightness and power to your organ, electric piano, and even, as mentioned, your guitar!
 Age n/a
 Weight 11.5 kg
 Condition Very good
 Location Japan 
 Vat Not from a VAT-registered business. But VAT / duty may be due if importing from outside your trade bloc.
 Quantity 1 item is available from the owner
 Options User manual : No
  Service manual : No
  First owner : No
  Original boxes : No
 Plug type Plug not required
 Voltage type Power supply not needed
 Status Item is still available
 Sale type The item is on the auction rooms
 Ending on 14/04/2013
 Category Miscellaneous 
 Serial number Unknown
 Sphere reference # 11025
 Statistics Created on : 08/04/2013 
Changed on : 14/04/2013 
  Published on : (Not published)
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 Start price 150 GBP
 Converted price (1) 150 GBP
 Shipment International or local shipment to pay
 Packing costs 0 GBP
 Payment Full pre payment needed
 Auction bid step 10 GBP
 Auction highest bid 0 GBP
 Converted highest bid 0 GBP
 Leader or winner *None
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